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3:30mins. for Parkinson's Research

"Walking In His Shoes" is a Parkinson's song written by Mark Jolly of Charleston, and produced by Magus Productions Studio in Mt. Pleasant.

Working with other Charleston musicians and producer, Bryan Minton, Mark is making his dream come true to help others who are struggling with Parkinson's as he has for several years. Take 3:30mins. to enjoy Mark's song!

Now, a lyric video on, the song was picked up by internet country radio last week. Here is the weblink to "Walking In His Shoes" Jayson Johnston, a Georgia country artists performed the vocals.

Parkinson's Foundation Carolinas has agreed to post the song on their Facebook page. Here is the weblink to the Parkinson's website where you can make a donation for Research. It's all for a good cause! Just click the orange donate button.

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